A.Fein and F. Costa PRIMO Violin
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The PRIMO model violin, from the workshop of Francois Costa of Markneukirchen, Germany, represents our closest collaboration with Costa. It is the product of advanced technological applications in terms of wood selection, thicknessing, modeling, and varnishing, which combine to produce a lively, responsive violin with an old Italian feel.

Modeled after the best violins of the Golden Period of Antonius Stradivarius, we have selected rare Maple and Spruce from high altitude/slow growth stocks that mimic many of the characteristics of Stradivari's wood. Through years of analysis of Stradivarius' violins, we've achieved a level of understanding of violin acoustics that allows us to bring to the forefront this remarkable, modern violin. 

You'll find the PRIMO model violin to be responsive, clear, strong, and rich in tone. 

Hear Diane Houser play the PRIMO violin: 


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A.Fein and F. Costa PRIMO Violin

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