The most accurate way to appraise an instrument is to see it in person, where it can be physically studied and inspected, and to assess any needed repairs. However, we realize not everyone can bring their instrument to our shop in St. Paul, Minnesota. The Online Appraisal Service is your next best option. An accurate Online Appraisal relies upon you to take accurate measurements, and to provide detailed photographs. 

Please realize the accuracy of your appraisal will be influenced by the accuracy of the pictures and measurements that you provide. 

Phone: 651-228-0783 or 800-347-9172


Once your appraisal has been ordered, we will ask you to send us photos and measurements. Click on Online Appraisal Service (above) for more details.

  • Pictures:  Please make sure all photos are IN FOCUS.
  • Measurements:   Length of the body, measured on the back of the instrument.
  • Any additional information:  Copies of receipts, history, previous appraisals, certificates, etc. 


Keep in mind that the cost of the appraisal is not a reflection of the value of your instrument. If you are unsure if your instrument is worth appraising, please read our blog entry:

So You Think You Found a Stradivarius